Vortex Cold Fusion Waterpipe

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Brief Overview

The extreme Vortex Cold Fusion Waterpipe offers the most to even the veteran smoker. With over 3 feet of coil and and state of the art ash-catcher, this smoking piece is guaranteed to turn heads.

Product Description

The new Vortex Cold Fusion Waterpipe is a 5-piece glycerin coil condenser waterpipe. Pyrex glass-on-glass smoking device brings quality and power to any glass collection. Spiral themed scientific design combines functionality and style. Well-crafted glass and cobalt blue frosted accents compliment the ash-catcher and scientific beaker. Detachable coil tube can be frozen for teh ultimate ice-cold and water-filtered smoking experience as smoke travels up two feet of frozen coil. Includes a Glass Gripper protective base pade to preven breaks and spills.

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